Operators in the mobility sector need to monitor the state of their infrastructures and their users’ compliance with the rules of the road, in order to ensure security and safety.

Kireti Smart Bridge is an advanced automatic monitoring system specially designed to guarantee highly effective and quality maintenance and monitoring of large infrastructure networks (bridges and flyovers). Traffic operators and maintenance workers can thus establish the preventive measures to be taken and the relative checks to be made.



KIRETI Smart Bridge can automatically collect, save and file data from the devices installed on the infrastructures (sensors with geotechnical-structural parameters and videocameras), send it to the platform, which automatically sees to its validation, processing, automatic viewing and logging on special databases. It is a continuous monitoring system specifically adaptable for river bridges and/or flyovers.



  • Allows monitoring of infrastructure behaviour in terms of vibrations, oscillations, inclinations and deformations, by collecting and analysing medium to long term data to monitor the state of health.

  • Provides data and statistics to make precise assessments of springback, of damage to joints and the roadbed, and of the wear of structural bearing devices on all infrastructures subject to monitoring.



  • Allows for traffic volumes to be monitored and vehicles travelling on the flyover to be weighed in real-time.

  • Automatically detects overloaded vehicles on the flyover, travelling with a load or weight (known or unknown) above the maximum permitted limit , generating an alarm for each overloaded vehicle detected.

  • Automatically identifies loads and excessive loads by time, direction and lane.

  • Classifies travelling vehicles by category, number of axles, total weight and on each axle, for an analysis of the state of wear of the flyover.


  • Identifies overland vehicles thanks to an integrated ANPR function and the interconnection of the same with the S.C.N.T.T. (State Police Centralised Number Plate and Transit Service).

  • Identifies vehicles transporting hazardous goods, using Kemler codes.

  • Carries out video analysis of the entire transit area, thus successfully identifying problematic traffic conditions such as slow traffic, congestion, accidents or the presence of anomalies, like smoke, pedestrians etc..


The KIRETI Smart Bridge user interface adapts to all supports and integrates perfectly with the entire system, facilitating real time communication and interaction between the personnel in the Command room and those on-site. The web application, interconnected with the most important functions and sections of the platform, allows the user to view the functions of their own workstation:

  • Weigh In Motion for checking heavy goods vehicle transit and detailed information regarding their weight, number of axles and vehicle category.

  • Structural monitoring to check measurements, graphs and data collected by installed sensors (inclinometers, crack meters and accelerometers)

  • ANPR function to check, search and view number plates and photos obtained from devices and video cameras.