KIRETI solutions simplify security and innovation management, promote connection and the creation of synergies between different telecommunications systems, technologies and people.

KIRETI in Maori means Hawk, a symbol of protection, strength, tenacity and versatility. A formidable bird of prey, whose characteristics makes it the subject of many myths and legends. For the Ancient Egyptians, it represented the sky god, who by nature could boast keen eyesight and quick intelligence, capable of predicting any event, danger or threat  and of  commanding the four elements.

KIRETI draws inspiration from the hawk’s abilities and meanings in developing its solutions, enabling clients to fly on the wings of innovation.

Today, KIRETI is an ever-evolving world of smart solutions for meeting all of society’s new management and development needs.  

KIRETI is the highest level of supervision, monitoring and control, capable of capturing each and every detail regarding the health and performance of infrastructures and installations, and providing the most important information necessary to resolve all negative or critical events.


The birth of the KIRETI solutions range springs from SITE’s natural role as System Integrator and in its ability to meet its clients’ complex and hitherto unmet needs.

Dialogue with our clients has always played a key role in identifying the features of our solutions. By listening to their needs, we have discovered a constant demand for innovation in the automation and control of systems, installations and processes, to make area management procedures and infrastructure maintenance more efficient, while at the same time optimising investments already made.

With Kireti solutions, we have sought to provide a tool that guarantees our clients a global and dynamic vision of their area, accurate monitoring of their installations and infrastructures, and better process efficiency.